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 Go Inside Avengers Alliance: Season 2, Chapter 9

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Iron Fist

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ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Go Inside Avengers Alliance: Season 2, Chapter 9   Παρ Αυγ 14, 2015 12:29 pm

Chapter 9 is here and it’s bringing a ton of twists and turns to the Season 2 storyline in “Marvel: Avengers Alliance.” Speculation ran wild as to who would be the next Worthy but we finally know that Bobbi Morse, Mockingbird herself, has picked up the newest hammer and become Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans. And, on the other side of the world, the Mandarin is joining the action. He’s bound to have big plans, could he be a bigger threat than The Serpent? We grabbed some time with Associate Producer Tony Sherrill to see what’s in store for us in this new chapter. In Chapter 8, we saw hammerfall and everyone rushing to find it and prevent another Worthy. But, it looks like those efforts were in vain, and now Mockingbird has picked up Nerkkod’s hammer. What led her to this point?

Tony Sherrill: Mockingbird was busy taking Circle of 8 cultists off the streets of New York City, when she found the gruesomely murdered body of Knickknack. That’s when she noticed something else that needed some investigation. She wandered off and never reported back, until now. The hammers choose who will wield them. Will Bobbi be sporting any new abilities along with her hammer and dashing new ensemble? Will she have a new class?

Tony Sherrill: Nerkkod will be a uniform for Mockingbird, which will consist of two uniforms: Generalist with a Bruiser class bonus and Generalist with a Tactician class bonus. With a new Worthy around, it’s not surprising that Cul Borson is also making an appearance. What is the Serpent’s role in all of this?

Tony Sherrill: Cul Borson is using the Worthy to create chaos and spread fear, and he’s succeeding. With more Worthy yet to be revealed, how do you stop the spread of fear when fear itself is in your face? On a side note, as of Chapter 9 all future Worthy have now gone missing. After an appearance in Spec Ops 9, the Mandarin is finally entering the fray and making waves in the global crisis that has been playing out in Season 2. As one of big name villains yet to appear as an opponent, there’s bound to be a lot of appeal here for players. How did you decide that now was the time to bring him in?

Tony Sherrill: Mandarin plays a very big part in our Season 2 storyline; Earth shattering big. Aside from Mandarin, Serpent, and Mockingbird/Nerkkod, who will be in the spotlight for Chapter 9?

Tony Sherrill: To name a few: Sebastian Shaw, Daken, Mephisto, Malekith, Grim Reaper, Ragnarok, and Arcade. I’m assuming it’s a wide angle spotlight. Alongside all the new story content, players are also gaining the ability to advance their heroes another level to 15. What will reaching this new level bring?

Tony Sherrill: Reaching Level 15 with a hero unlocks a unique class ability appearing as a Multi-Action ability above the Recharge ability. Multi-Class heroes will have access to two class abilities as per their dual class. Heroes able to switch their class will switch to a different class ability appropriate for their new class. Additionally, heroes at Level 15 will provide an increased statistical bonus in PVP. Everyone’s excited to dive into chapter 9, but we’ve also got one eye on the horizon. Can you give us a preview of what’s next for “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” as we head into fall?

Tony Sherrill: Spider-Gwen is right around the corner, swinging on a big ball of webbing. Spider-Verse Part II is on the way and we are already jamming on Chapter 10.

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ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Απ: Go Inside Avengers Alliance: Season 2, Chapter 9   Παρ Αυγ 14, 2015 1:45 pm

"Chapter 9 is here" Τι ναρκωτικά παίρνουν; Εκτός κι αν ανοίξει σήμερα ή αύριο...

Lvl 15;;;;; Τι λέτε ρε μ@λ@κές;! Αν θέλουν να ανοίγουν τέτοια lvls να μας δώσουν κι ένα τρόπο να φαρμάρουμε πολύ silver όπως γίνεται σε όλα τα παιχνίδια που από κάποιο σημείο και μετά τα λεφτά σου περισσεύουν. Και λογικά το training για το lvl 15 θα κοστίζει 1 εκατομμύριο. Για άλλη μια φορά, άει γ@μήσου Playdom....

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Επισκόπηση του προφίλ των χρηστών
Go Inside Avengers Alliance: Season 2, Chapter 9
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