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 Spider-Girl - Anya Corazón

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ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Spider-Girl - Anya Corazón   Παρ Ιουλ 31, 2015 12:25 am

Anya Corazón, alias Spider-Girl, originates from the same universe as the "Superior" Spider-Man. Anya was born in Mexico, but came with her father to the United States soon after her mother died. She grew up in Brooklyn and developed an interest in gymnastics, until one day, she saw a man being assaulted by a group of strange individuals. Anya jumped in to save the man's life but was fatally wounded. The man, Miguel, turned out to be a part of a secret group called the Spider Society. He was also a sorcerer, and he transferred some of his powers into Anya in order to save her life, gifting her with incredible powers that manifested through a spider-shaped tattoo. Assisting the Spider Society for a time, Anya eventually returned her gifted powers, but she managed to maintain her incredible strength and agility. After a fight with the Kravinoff family, the former Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter, was impressed with Anya and how she handled the situation and decided to pass her old black costume to Anya who took on the mantle of Spider-Girl.

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Spider-Girl - Anya Corazón
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